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DM Mock Test 02 

Mock Test  :  RMG Student Exclusive :        
Total Marks 60

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5/22/2019 6:37:55 AM

Total Questions  60

Pass Marks is 55%

Time Left : 00:00:00 Hrs


Question 1 :Assisting the client to arrange for margins is not a duty of a TM [Mark 1]

Question 2 :An option that is at the money has only [Mark 1]

Question 3 :The intrinsic value of a call option is the amount the option is [Mark 1]

Question 4 :At expiration an option should have [Marks 2]

Question 5 :The longer the time to expiration [Marks 3]

Question 6 :A liquid stock has a very tight bid ask spread [Mark 1]

Question 7 :Identity of the users are disclosed to keep transparency in trade cancellation in NEAT system [Mark 1]

Question 8 :An index should contain as many stocks with as little ______ as possible [Marks 2]

Question 9 :Which of the following should be disclosed separately for long and short positions in respect of each series of index futures as of the balance sheet date [Marks 3]

Question 10 :If the sigma on an annual basis in Black Scholes equation is 2 point 3 Calculate the sigma on daily basis Consider there are 250 trading days in a year [Marks 3]

Question 11 :NSCCLs online position monitoring system monitors open position of ________ on a real time basis [Marks 2]

Question 12 :The __________ of an option is a measure of change in option price with respect to change in price of the underlying asset [Mark 1]

Question 13 :Sigma in Black Scholes equation is a measure of liquidity [Mark 1]

Question 14 :ABC Ltd trades at Rs 200 in the spot market and two month ABC futures trades at 250 If the transactions costs incurred are 0 point 2 percent What is the arbitrage return possible [Marks 3]

Question 15 :Contract note is signed by the [Mark 1]

Question 16 :The NEAT F and O system supports [Mark 1]

Question 17 :VaR methodology seeks to measure the amount of value that a portfolio may stand to lose within a certain horizon time period due to potential changes in [Marks 3]

Question 18 :The NEAT F and O system orders match [Mark 1]

Question 19 :NCFM stands for [Mark 1]

Question 20 :A clearing member who is not a trading member is known as [Marks 3]

Question 21 :When any order enters the trading system it is [Mark 1]

Question 22 :An option to buy or sell a swap that becomes operative at the expiry of the option is called a [Mark 1]

Question 23 :Which of the following can become the professional clearing member [Mark 1]

Question 24 :A participant is a client of [Marks 2]

Question 25 :Participant may trade through multiple trading members but settle through a [Marks 3]

Question 26 :If an order does not find a match in the system, then it becomes [Mark 1]

Question 27 :A dealer can view order for [Marks 2]

Question 28 :Market inquiry screen can be invoked by using which of the following keys [Marks 2]

Question 29 :On expiry date of derivative contract the settlement price will be [Marks 2]

Question 30 :NSCCL charges an upfront _________ for all the open position of a CM [Marks 2]

Question 31 :What is the duty of the trading member [Marks 3]

Question 32 :Specification by NSCCL for the initial margin requirements for each derivative contract is on a [Marks 2]

Question 33 :Limits are set for each CM based on his [Marks 2]

Question 34 :For risk management by NSCCL which of the following is or are true [Marks 3]

Question 35 :NSCCLs online position monitoring system generates alerts whenever a CM reaches a position limit set up by NSCCL

Question 36 :Clearing members are provided a trading terminal for the purpose of monitoring the ______ of all the trading members clearing and settling through him [Marks 2]

Question 37 :If there is position violation by a CM this can result in withdrawal of trading facility for all TMs of that CM [Mark 1]

Question 38 :Every recognized stock exchange shall furnish copy of Annual Report to [Mark 1]

Question 39 :A separate settlement guarantee fund for F and O segment has been created out of the [Mark 1]

Question 40 :The most critical component of risk containment mechanism is the [Mark 1]

Question 41 :PRISM for risk management means [Marks 2]

Question 42 :SPAN for risk management means [Marks 2]

Question 43 :NSCCL has provide a special facility to Institutions or FIIs or Mutual Funds to execute trade through any TM which may be cleared and settled by their own CMs Such entities are known as [Marks 2]

Question 44 :The settlement for the options contracts is or are [Marks 2]

Question 45 :Around 60 percent of the trading volume on the American Stock Exchange is from [Mark 1]

Question 46 :In case of interim exercise settlement an investor can exercise his ____________ options during ______________ through his [Marks 2]

Question 47 :The interim exercise settlement in case of ITM options is effected at the _______ of trading hours on the day of exercise [Mark 1]

Question 48 :Buyer of an option is obligated to pay the premium towards the options purchased by him [Mark 1]

Question 49 :In case of interim exercise settlement valid exercised option contracts are assigned to ________________ with the _________________ on a ___________ basis at the ____________ level [Marks 2]

Question 50 :Vinay is short 600 ABC Ltd May Puts at strike Rs 1520 for a premium of Rs 33 each on May 29 2007 On May 31 2007 the expiration day of the contract the spot price of ABC closes at Rs 1553 while the July futures on ABC close at 1555 Does Vinay have an obligation to the Clearing Corporation on his positions and if any how much [Marks 3]

Question 51 :In case of interim exercise settlement the CM who has exercised the option receives the _________ from the CM who __________________ [Marks 2]

Question 52 :Exchange Traded Derivatives has been introduced in Indian Financial Market by [Mark 1]

Question 53 :Final exercise settlement is effected for all long in the money strike price options existing at the close of trading hours on the expiration day of the contract [Mark 1]

Question 54 :The period during which an option is exercisable depends on the [Mark 1]

Question 55 :In NSEIL the index options are ______________style [Mark 1]

Question 56 :Automatic exercise means that [Marks 2]

Question 57 :In case of in the money options buyer needs to give an exercise notice [Mark 1]

Question 58 :Voluntary exercise means that [Marks 2]

Question 59 :Usually the exercise orders will accepted by the system till the __________ [Mark 1]

Question 60 :Which of the following can not be an underlying for a financial derivative [Mark 1]