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CM Mock Test 07 

Mock Test  :  RMG Student Exclusive :        
Total Marks 100

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7/15/2019 8:56:26 PM

Total Questions  60

Pass Marks is 55%

Time Left : 00:00:00 Hrs


Question 1 :Ms Agre Financial Services a trading member on the NSE has a branch order value of Rs 700lakh for his Chennai branch and Rs 650lakh for Calcutta branch and Chennai branch has two users X and Y with user order value limits of Rs 250lakh and Rs 300lakh respectively and Kolkata branch has one user Z with user order value limit of Rs 350lakh The member applies for a new user at Chennai What is the maximum user order value that can be set for the new user [Mark 3]

Question 2 :NSCCL advises Clearing Banks to debit account of custodians CMs and credit its account this process is called [Mark 1]

Question 3 :The default output file generated for showing the Users Net position backup is stored as [Mark 2]

Question 4 :NSCCL advises Clearing Banks to credit account of custodians CMs and debit its account this process is called [Mark 1]

Question 5 :Mr Desai has decided to deposit Rs 100000 in the bank annually If the bank has a policy of continuous compounding and the prevailing interest rate is 11 point 5 percent how much would his deposit grow upto in 2 years [Mark 3]

Question 6 :A PCM has also got trading rights along with clearing rights [Mark 1]

Question 7 :If you wish to square up your position in a basket portfolio you will [Mark 1]

Question 8 :The process adopted to determine the net settlement obligations delivery or receipt positions of CMs is verbally called as [Mark 2]

Question 9 :Dealer is not required to fill amount in Basket Trading [Mark 1]

Question 10 :On pay out day the securities are delivered to the respective receiving members [Mark 1]

Question 11 :The On Line Backup can also be taken without logging into NEATCM [Mark 1]

Question 12 :Settlement Auction is done in [Mark 2]

Question 13 :Nifty shown in dollor terms is called [Mark 1]

Question 14 :Bad Delivery Reporting is done in [Mark 2]

Question 15 :NEAT has a screen which allows the user to setup his own portfolio [Mark 1]

Question 16 :The Clearing Member can change his existing Bank Account but is required to obtain a No Objection Certificate from his existing bank [Mark 1]

Question 17 :Market movement Screen can not produce any movement chart for [Mark 1]

Question 18 :A trading member exceeds Gross Exposure or Turnover Violation for Rs 6 lacs what is the penalty point awarded to them [Mark 3]

Question 19 :Window that displays all the activities that have been performed on any order belonging to that user is known as [Mark 2]

Question 20 :If a Client code is modified of more than 5 instances what is the penalty point awarded to them [Mark 3]

Question 21 :Trade cancellation and Trade modification can be requested from the Previous Trade screen [Mark 1]

Question 22 :Which stock can be termed as Group 3 stock [Mark 3]

Question 23 :No untriggered stop loss order will be displayed on the MBP screen [Mark 1]

Question 24 :Clients Margin which is calculated by marking each transaction in a scrip to the closing price of the scrip at the end of trading is known as [Mark 1]

Question 25 :NSCCL pays out demat securities to the members in the _____________ from where these are transferred to the ___________ of the members [Mark 1]

Question 26 :Margin Required in Group II stocks is [Mark 2]

Question 27 :As per the provisions of SEBI Prohibition of Insider Trading regulations any person who holds more than __________ shares or voting rights in any listed company shall make such disclosure to the company [Mark 1]

Question 28 :Gross intra day turnover of a member shall not exceed [Mark 2]

Question 29 :The user can set up a maximum of 30 securities in one page of the market watch screen [Mark 1]

Question 30 :If a TM Y has a base capital of 2 crores what will be the Gross Exposure allowed to them [Mark 3]

Question 31 :Feature that is normally used for information on securities that are not already set in the Market Watch window is taken through [Mark 1]

Question 32 :NSCCL has an alarm set for Gross Exposure breaching, the level for such alarms are set as [Mark 3]

Question 33 :The screen that displays trading information for the selected securities is known as [Mark 1]

Question 34 :Additional Base Capital Can be brought in form of Cash and Fixed Deposit Receipts and Bank Guarantee and Approved securities in demat and Government Securities The haircut for the Government Securities in this will be [Mark 1]

Question 35 :A feature in NEAT Trading System that allows the user to disallow the use of the [Mark 1]

Question 36 :Units of the schemes of liquid mutual funds or government securities mutual funds can also be used as collateral for enhancing Base Capital The haircuts therein shall be [Mark 2]

Question 37 :An user can log in with his ID from any location in India [Mark 1]

Question 38 :Trading is permitted in the security listed under No Delivery period [Mark 1]

Question 39 :Each trading member can have more than one user [Mark 1]

Question 40 :The alphabet E in the ISIN Number series denotes securities issued by [Mark 1]

Question 41 :SURCON is that period after market close during which the users have [Mark 2]

Question 42 :Which of the following is FALSE about trade cancellation in the NEAT system [Mark 2]

Question 43 :Activities allowed during Open Phase are [Mark 2]

Question 44 :Which of the following functions a branch manager can perform on the NEAT system [Mark 1]

Question 45 :Activities that a Trading member can carry out in NEAT before the market opens for trading is [Mark 2]

Question 46 :Which of the following is not true about Mark to Market Margin? [Mark 1]

Question 47 :Termed assigned to users at the lower most level of the hierarchy [Mark 2]

Question 48 :A trading member on the NSE has a branch order value of Rs 750lakh for his Mumbai branch and Rs 600lakh for Delhi branch Mumbai branch has two users X and Y with user order value limits of Rs 200 lakh and Rs 200 lakh respectively Delhi branch has one user Z with user order value limit of Rs 450lakh The member applies for a new user at Mumbai What is the maximum user order value that can be set for the new user [Mark 3]

Question 49 :Term assigned to a user who is placed under the corporate manager is [Mark 2]

Question 50 :Which of the following is NOT a derivative traded on Indian Stock Market [Mark 2]

Question 51 :NEAT user who receives the End of Day reports for all branches of the trading member is termed as [Mark 2]

Question 52 :How many depositories are there in India [Mark 1]

Question 53 :The Capital Market system has four types of market [Mark 2]

Question 54 :Contract note is signed by the [Mark 1]

Question 55 :Limit orders are [Mark 2]

Question 56 :In which book type on the NEAT system does the user enter Limited Physical orders [Mark 1]

Question 57 :NSE has main computer which is connected through Very Small Aperture Terminal installed at its office known as [Mark 2]

Question 58 :If a client buys shares worth Rs 125000 and sells shares worth Rs 75000 through a sub broker then the maximum brokerage payable to him is [Mark 3]

Question 59 :Main advantages of Automated Trading System is or are [Mark 3]

Question 60 :A copy of an advertisement has to be submitted by a trading member to NSE [Mark 2]