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CM Mock Test 01 

Mock Test  :  RMG Student Exclusive :        
Total Marks 100

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7/15/2019 9:00:03 PM

Total Questions  60

Pass Marks is 55%

Time Left : 00:00:00 Hrs


Question 1 :Nation wide on line fully automated screen based trading system introduced by NSE is called [Mark 2]

Question 2 :Main advantages of Automated Trading System is or are [Mark 2]

Question 3 :100 percent trading take place through electronic order matching in India [Mark 1]

Question 4 :NSE has main computer which is connected through Very Small Aperture Terminal installed at its office known as [Mark 2]

Question 5 :Thus the NEAT system provides an Open Electronic Consolidated Limit Order Book [Mark 1]

Question 6 :Limit orders are [Mark 2]

Question 7 :The system that supports an order driven market in NSE is known as [Mark 2]

Question 8 :The Capital Market system has four types of market [Mark 3]

Question 9 :Term assigned to a user placed at the highest level in a trading firm is [Mark 2]

Question 10 :NEAT user who receives the End of Day reports for all branches of the trading member is termed as [Mark 2]

Question 11 :The facility to set Branch Order Value Limits and User Order Value Limits is available to [Mark 2]

Question 12 :Term assigned to a user who is placed under the corporate manager is [Mark 2]

Question 13 :Person who can set user order value limit is termed as [Mark 1]

Question 14 :Termed assigned to users at the lower most level of the hierarchy [Mark 2]

Question 15 :A dealer can [Mark 1]

Question 16 :Activities that a Trading member can carry out in NEAT before the market opens for trading is [Mark 2]

Question 17 :The period when a trading member can commence the trading activity is known as [Mark 1]

Question 18 :Activities allowed during Open Phase are [Mark 3]

Question 19 :When the market closes and no further orders are accepted and but the user is permitted to perform activities like [Mark 1]

Question 20 :SURCON is that period after market close during which the users have [Mark 3]

Question 21 :On starting NEAT application which of the following is not shown in the logon screen [Mark 3]

Question 22 :Each trading member can have more than one user [Mark 1]

Question 23 :When a user logs in for the first time he has to enter the default password [Mark 2]

Question 24 :An user can log in with his ID from any location in India [Mark 1]

Question 25 :On invoking the log off screen the following options are displayed to the user [Mark 1]

Question 26 :A feature in NEAT Trading System that allows the user to disallow the use of the [Mark 1]

Question 27 :Which of the following is not the index displayed in NEAT [Mark 2]

Question 28 :The screen that displays trading information for the selected securities is known as [Mark 1]

Question 29 :Informations such as as Market By Price and Previous Trades and Outstanding orders and Activity Log and so on are available on [Mark 1]

Question 30 :Feature that is normally used for information on securities that are not already set in the Market Watch window is taken through [Mark 1]

Question 31 :A user can set 500 securities in the market watch [Mark 1]

Question 32 :The user can set up a maximum of 30 securities in one page of the market watch screen [Mark 1]

Question 33 :XD means [Mark 2]

Question 34 :As per the provisions of SEBI Prohibition of Insider Trading regulations any person who holds more than __________ shares or voting rights in any listed company shall make such disclosure to the company [Mark 1]

Question 35 :CB means [Mark 2]

Question 36 :NSCCL pays out demat securities to the members in the _____________ from where these are transferred to the ___________ of the members [Mark 1]

Question 37 :The purpose of Market By Price is to enable the user to view [Mark 3]

Question 38 :No untriggered stop loss order will be displayed on the MBP screen [Mark 1]

Question 39 :Window that displays security wise information to users for own trades[Mark 2]

Question 40 :Trade cancellation and Trade modification can be requested from the Previous Trade screen [Mark 1]

Question 41 :In case of Trade Cancellation and Trade Modifications the new quantity requested must be [Mark 3]

Question 42 :Window that displays all the activities that have been performed on any order belonging to that user is known as [Mark 2]

Question 43 :An user can access Activity Log window in inquiry mode [Mark 1]

Question 44 :Market movement Screen can not produce any movement chart for [Mark 3]

Question 45 :The screen that allows the users to view the auction activities for the current trading day is called [Mark 2]

Question 46 :NEAT has a screen which allows the user to setup his own portfolio [Mark 1]

Question 47 :Portfolio created in Portfolio List can be used for basket order entry also [Mark 1]

Question 48 :Nifty shown in dollor terms is called [Mark 1]

Question 49 :Nifty Midcap Index has got [Mark 2]

Question 50 :The On Line Backup can also be taken without logging into NEATCM [Mark 1]

Question 51 :During online Backup the system generates two ASCII files namely [Mark 3]

Question 52 :Dealer is not required to fill amount in Basket Trading [Mark 1]

Question 53 :In a basket trading the orders are created for the selected portfolio of securities according to [Mark 1]

Question 54 :If you wish to square up your position in a basket portfolio you will [Mark 1]

Question 55 :Buyback of securities from the open Market from the secondary Market is permitted [Mark 1]

Question 56 :Mr Desai has decided to deposit Rs 100000 in the bank annually If the bank has a policy of continuous compounding and the prevailing interest rate is 11 point 5 percent how much would his deposit grow upto in 2 years [Mark 3]

Question 57 :The corporate manager can also authorize a branch with unlimited order entry by [Mark 1]

Question 58 :The default output file generated for showing the Users Net position backup is stored as [Mark 2]

Question 59 :The user order value limit once set by the CM can be revised during trading hours [Mark 1]

Question 60 :Ms Agre Financial Services a trading member on the NSE has a branch order value of Rs 700lakh for his Chennai branch and Rs 650lakh for Calcutta branch and Chennai branch has two users X and Y with user order value limits of Rs 250lakh and Rs 300lakh respectively and Kolkata branch has one user Z with user order value limit of Rs 350lakh The member applies for a new user at Chennai What is the maximum user order value that can be set for the new user [Mark 3]