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AMFI Mock Test 08 

Mock Test  :  RMG Student Exclusive :        
Total Marks 100

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5/22/2019 5:51:38 AM

Total Questions  72

Pass Marks is 55%

Time Left : 00:00:00 Hrs


Question 1 :The maximum load that a fund can charge is determined by the [Mark 1]

Question 2 :Unit Trust of Indias US64 scheme [Mark 2]

Question 3 :Unrated securities in the portfolio of a mutual fund are not to be valued [Mark 1]

Question 4 :A deep discount bond [Mark 2]

Question 5 :A debt fund distributes 10 percent dividend then how much tax does the investor have to pay on this dividend [Mark 3]

Question 6 :A mutual funds investments are guided by the [Mark 1]

Question 7 :Which of the following statements about UTI in untrue [Mark 1]

Question 8 :Compounding of interest is best explained by a [Mark 1]

Question 9 :In which type of schemes should an unmarried professional will invest [Mark 3]

Question 10 :During the period 1992 to 99, the mobilisation of funds by the mutual fund industry was about [Mark 3]

Question 11 :A systematic investment plan allows investors [Mark 2]

Question 12 :Short term bond funds are [Mark 1]

Question 13 :Which of the following is most risky [Mark 1]

Question 14 :Once a financial advisor works out ideal asset allocation, it can be used for all investor whom he or she advises [Mark 1]

Question 15 :A high proportion of investment in income funds is required by [Mark 1]

Question 16 :Structural characterizations of an equity fund include [Mark 2]

Question 17 :Who is the primary guardian of unit holders funds and assets [Mark 1]

Question 18 :Ex mark of an equity fund measures its [Mark 1]

Question 19 :Compared to equity funds, income margins for debt funds are [Mark 1]

Question 20 :Investors should be advised to avoid investing in a debt fund with a [Mark 2]

Question 21 :An ex mark of 100 percent is possible for [Mark 1]

Question 22 :A small investor can build a diversified portfolio by [Mark 2]

Question 23 :Financial planning involves [Mark 1]

Question 24 :Which of the following is not a characteristic of company fixed deposits [Mark 1]

Question 25 :The tenure of an Indira Vikas Patra is [Mark 2]

Question 26 :To maximise returns on investment, once an investor buys into a fund, he and she should hold on to it no matter what happens [Mark 1]

Question 27 :Which of the following entities can give loans against securities [Mark 1]

Question 28 :Turnover rates would be most relevant to analyze the performance of [Mark 1]

Question 29 :Financial goals do not include [Mark 1]

Question 30 :The choice of an appropriate benchmark for evaluating a funds performance depends on [Mark 1]

Question 31 :The load charged to an investor in a mutual fund is [Mark 2]

Question 32 :The NAV of each scheme should be updated on AMFIs website [Mark 1]

Question 33 :The greatest potential for growth in capital is offered by [Mark 1]

Question 34 :The drawback of an ordinary share is [Mark 1]

Question 35 :Shares of companies with large capital market capitalization [Mark 2]

Question 36 :Information about trusteeship fees is included in the offer document but not in the key information memorandum [Mark 1]

Question 37 :The minimum amount to be raised, and the maximum target amount [Mark 2]

Question 38 :SEBI restricts mutual fund investments in companies forming part of the same group as the AMC, This is [Mark 2]

Question 39 :The accounting policies of a fund should be in accordance with [Mark 2]

Question 40 :Who among the following are not eligible to invest in MF [Mark 1]

Question 41 :Most eligible investors of Mutual Funds can broadly be grouped into either individual or institutional investors [Mark 1]

Question 42 :How many major distributors Companies are there in India selling Mutual Fund units [Mark 2]

Question 43 :A glossary of Defined Terms must be included in the offer document [Mark 1]

Question 44 :A compliance officer [Mark 2]

Question 45 :Sales Practices cover the following areas [Mark 2]

Question 46 :To cover fund distribution expenses, open ended funds [Mark 2]

Question 47 :SEBIs advertising code mandate that all performance calculations in a funds advertisement should be based [Mark 1]

Question 48 :The code of ethics for mutual funds published by AMFI [Mark 1]

Question 49 :Liabilities in the balance sheet of a mutual fund are [Mark 2]

Question 50 :For a close ended fund, the repurchase price should not be lower than [Mark 1]

Question 51 :The Board of Trustees of a mutual fund [Mark 2]

Question 52 :A transfer in the management of a close ended scheme does not require the consent of [Mark 1]

Question 53 :The role of an AMC is to act as [Mark 1]

Question 54 :The accounts and all other records of an AMC are filed with [Mark 1]

Question 55 :The Capital of a scheme does not include [Mark 1]

Question 56 :After dividend declaration, unit holders are entitled to receive dividend within [Mark 2]

Question 57 :UTI was set up by [Mark 1]

Question 58 :The offer document issued by mutual funds does not serve the purpose of [Mark 1]

Question 59 :The offer document has to be fully revised and updated [Mark 1]

Question 60 :The offer document is not a legal document [Mark 1]

Question 61 :A passive fund manager [Mark 2]

Question 62 :Quantitative analysis is more likely to be done to evaluate a particular sector or industry rather than any specific stock [Mark 1]

Question 63 :Derivatives cannot be based on market indices [Mark 1]

Question 64 :The Indian debt market is largely wholesale in nature [Mark 1]

Question 65 :Which of the following are not normally found in the portfolio of a debt fund [Mark 3]

Question 66 :Corporate bonds in a mutual fund portfolio are valued using [Mark 1]

Question 67 :Current yield relates interest on a security to [Mark 1]

Question 68 :If a bond cannot be sold at a price near its value, it means that investment in this bond has [Mark 1]

Question 69 :Inflation and interest rates are inversely proportional [Mark 1]

Question 70 :Mutual funds are allowed to lend [Mark 1]

Question 71 :The most suitable measure for a funds performance does not depend on the [Mark 1]

Question 72 :While computing the Expense Ratio for a fund, brokerage commissions on the funds transactions are not included in the fund expenses [Mark 1]