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AMFI Mock Test 03 

Mock Test  :  RMG Student Exclusive :        
Total Marks 100

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5/22/2019 6:40:15 AM

Total Questions  72

Pass Marks is 55%

Time Left : 00:00:00 Hrs


Question 1 :Financial planning helps a person [Mark 1]

Question 2 :Financial goals do not include [Mark 1]

Question 3 :The constraint on financial planning due to insufficient resources can be remedied by [Mark 2]

Question 4 :For older investors who wish to transfer their wealth [Mark 1]

Question 5 :Which of the following would you suggest if your client wins Rs 1 crare in a game show [Mark 2]

Question 6 :The facility provided by mutual funds to enable rupee cost averaging is called [Mark 1]

Question 7 :Value averaging means [Mark 1]

Question 8 :Which among these is not a step in financial planning [Mark 2]

Question 9 :Which of these is not the clients responsibility [Mark 1]

Question 10 :SEBI guidelines on personal investment apply to [Mark 2]

Question 11 :Responsibility to ensure ethical conduct finally rests on [Mark 1]

Question 12 :Independence of personnel in the mutual fund structure ensures [Mark 1]

Question 13 :If an employee of a mutual fund likes to trade on his personal account whose approval is needed [Mark 2]

Question 14 :In the growth option offered by mutual funds the value of investment increases because of [Mark 1]

Question 15 :Short term bond fund is a [Mark 1]

Question 16 :Which of the following lets an investor book profits in rising market and increase holdings in a falling market [Mark 2]

Question 17 :Which of the following is not an advantage of bank deposits [Mark 1]

Question 18 :The amount an insurance company would pay to the nominee if a policyholder dies is known as the [Mark 2]

Question 19 :Which of the following represents indirect investment [Mark 1]

Question 20 :A financial planner may advice investments in which of the following [Mark 1]

Question 21 :Directly investing in equity shares is better than investing in equity shares through a mutual fund in terms of [Mark 2]

Question 22 :The risk profile of an investor depends on [Mark 1]

Question 23 :A fund with a 100 percent exmarks with respect to the market index is likely to be [Mark 3]

Question 24 :A very high proportion of investment in all types of equity funds is advisable for investors [Mark 1]

Question 25 :Which among the following is suited for an investor with moderate risk appetite [Mark 1]

Question 26 :The role of a financial advisor is to [Mark 1]

Question 27 :Asset allocation is [Mark 1]

Question 28 :An ideal money market mutual fund must have [Mark 2]

Question 29 :A debt fund with long term investments [Mark 1]

Question 30 :The birth place of mutual funds is [Mark 1]

Question 31 :In the USA mutual fund is constituted as [Mark 2]

Question 32 :Which is not a disadvantage of mutual funds [Mark 1]

Question 33 :An investor pays money to a mutual fund to purchase units in a mutual fund. After deducting the entry load the remaining money is [Mark 2]

Question 34 :In India the first mutual fund was established [Mark 3]

Question 35 :A closed end fund has a fixed [Mark 1]

Question 36 :The performance of an index fund is measured [Mark 1]

Question 37 :Fund ABC invests in Indian stock markets and Fund XVZ invests in international markets [Mark 2]

Question 38 :How can an investor realize his investments in a closed end fund at maturity [Mark 1]

Question 39 :Identify which of the following pairs of terms matches this statement and Mutual fund in India is constituted as and in USA as [Mark 1]

Question 40 :Which is not a function of the transfer agents [Mark 1]

Question 41 :Which of the following is not a case of fund reconstitution [Mark 1]

Question 42 :The Securities Appellate Tribunals function is to [Mark 2]

Question 43 :The role of AMFI is not to [Mark 1]

Question 44 :The investor rights in are laid down in the [Mark 1]

Question 45 :If a complaint to an AMC is not resolved an investor can approach [Mark 2]

Question 46 :Units holders of a scheme do not have the right to [Mark 1]

Question 47 :An investor buys a mutual fund based on an advertisement of 15 percent assured return and he earns only 12 percent return Whom can he turn to for remedy [Mark 2]

Question 48 :Standard risk factors are [Mark 1]

Question 49 :The guarantor for an assured return scheme is usually [Mark 2]

Question 50 :Valuation norms should be disclosed [Mark 1]

Question 51 :The investment objective of a scheme [Mark 1]

Question 52 :Standard offer document prescribes [Mark 1]

Question 53 :Which of the following statements is true [Mark 2]

Question 54 :Which category of investors needs more advice on mutual funds [Mark 1]

Question 55 :Which of the following channels of distribution is preferred by private AMCs [Mark 1]

Question 56 :A pre requisite to become a distributor of mutual funds is [Mark 2]

Question 57 :The maximum commission payable is decided by [Mark 1]

Question 58 :In a mutual fund investors subscriptions are accounted for as [Mark 1]

Question 59 :If a mutual fund calculates NAV daily it will include all the investment transactions concluded up to [Mark 1]

Question 60 :NAV of a scheme is 11 point 57 How many units can Mr Amit buy with Rs 5000 [Mark 3]

Question 61 :The maximum amount of initial issue expenses that can be recovered from a closed end scheme is limited to [Mark 3]

Question 62 :Holding cost of investments is determined using [Mark 1]

Question 63 :Securities transaction tax or STT is applicable [Mark 2]

Question 64 :If an investor switches from one scheme to another within the same mutual fund [Mark 1]

Question 65 :The investor is given which of the following as proof of purchase of units in a mutual fund [Mark 1]

Question 66 :Commercial paper is issued by corporate [Mark 2]

Question 67 :To compare bonds with different coupon rates and maturities and prices than investors would use [Mark 1]

Question 68 :The risk that interest received cannot be reinvested at the same rate as the principal is [Mark 1]

Question 69 :A mutual fund may transfer investments from one scheme to another [Mark 1]

Question 70 :Change in NAV method as a measure of fund performance is more suitable for [Mark 1]

Question 71 :The parameters that need to be considered while studying expense ratio is [Mark 1]

Question 72 :To choose an appropriate benchmark for a scheme all of the following are required except [Mark 1]