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AMFI Mock Test 11 

Mock Test  :  RMG Student Exclusive :        
Total Marks 100

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5/22/2019 5:37:03 AM

Total Questions  72

Pass Marks is 55%

Time Left : 00:00:00 Hrs


Question 1 :Of the following fund types, the highest risk is associated with [Mark 1]

Question 2 :A mutual fund is not [Mark 1]

Question 3 :Which of the following risks do not affect a debt fund [Mark 1]

Question 4 :Constraints imposed by most funds on check writing are [Mark 1]

Question 5 :The Price Earnings or PE Ratio is an important measure of a companys anticipated performance It is calculated using [Mark 2]

Question 6 :A better performance than the return on index is given by [Mark 1]

Question 7 :An AMC must explain adverse variation between expense estimates for the scheme on offer and actual Expenses for past schemes in [Mark 1]

Question 8 :The investment policies listed out in the offer document of a fund do not include [Mark 2]

Question 9 :In the offer document, funds are required to make disclosures summarizing associate transactions and their impact on the performance of the scheme for the last [Mark 1]

Question 10 :As a part of borrowing policy, the following need not be disclosed in an offer document [Mark 1]

Question 11 :Investors rights under a scheme are [Mark 1]

Question 12 :Are Overseas Corporate Bodies allowed to invest in Mutual Funds [Mark 1]

Question 13 :As per AMFI figures, how many agents approximately, are there in India selling Mutual Funds [Mark 2]

Question 14 :The legal responsibility for the accuracy of the statements made in the offer document lies with [Mark 1]

Question 15 :Past performance of a sponsor or AMC mutual fund is not indicative of the future performance of the scheme This is [Mark 1]

Question 16 :In developed countries, an important Mutual Fund marketing channel is through [Mark 1]

Question 17 :Agents are compensated by mutual funds [Mark 1]

Question 18 :In India, Mutual fund agents rate and services are at present defined by [Mark 1]

Question 19 :An agent can offer and sell a funds units at [Mark 2]

Question 20 :Which of the following distribution channels is preferred by private mutual funds [Mark 1]

Question 21 :A Funds NAV is affected by [Mark 1]

Question 22 :Which of the following expenses cannot be charged to the scheme [Mark 2]

Question 23 :The custodian of a mutual fund [Mark 1]

Question 24 :Issuing and redeeming units of a mutual fund is the role [Mark 1]

Question 25 :As per SEBIs principles, the AMC and the Board of Trustees of a fund should belong to the same sponsors [Mark 1]

Question 26 :For a close ended scheme to change its fundamental attributes, it must obtain the consent of [Mark 2]

Question 27 :The amount of authority enjoyed by a Self regulatory organisation is defined by [Mark 1]

Question 28 :Unit holders aggrieved by a Fund or AMC can get redressed from [Mark 1]

Question 29 :The offer document [Mark 2]

Question 30 :All important disclosures that the mutual fund is required to make, by regulation are contained in the offer document [Mark 1]

Question 31 :Mutual funds value their investments [Mark 1]

Question 32 :A value manager does not look for Stocks that are currently undervalued in the market [Mark 2]

Question 33 :Which of the following is not an investment philosophy [Mark 1]

Question 34 :Security dealers of a mutual fund [Mark 2]

Question 35 :Certificates of Deposits or CDs are issued by [Mark 1]

Question 36 :Which of the following do not apply to the term maturity of a debt security [Mark 1]

Question 37 :Yield curve is also known as [Mark 1]

Question 38 :If 10 year government securities yields 10 percent and a 10 Year fixed de posit in a company yields 12percent,the yield spread is [Mark 2]

Question 39 :As per SEBI norms, a funds investments, in the equity shares of any one company are restricted to [Mark 2]

Question 40 :Interest Rate Risk for an Indian debt fund can be reduced by using [Mark 1]

Question 41 :The difference between NAV change and total return as measures of fund performance is [Mark 1]

Question 42 :The Income Ratio as a measure of a funds performance is defined by the funds [Mark 1]

Question 43 :Which of the following transaction costs are not quantified in the offer document [Mark 2]

Question 44 :To evaluate a close ended debt fund, a suitable benchmark would be [Mark 1]

Question 45 :Which of the following works with an investor on his overall financial situation [Mark 1]

Question 46 :Financial planning is primarily tax planning [Mark 1]

Question 47 :A Flexible Ratio of Asset Allocation means [Mark 3]

Question 48 :The biggest disadvantage of investment in real estate is [Mark 2]

Question 49 :Finance Acts of 2000 and 2001 have reduced tax free interest on Public Provident Fund to [Mark 1]

Question 50 :Individual investors do not normally invest in Government Securities because [Mark 1]

Question 51 :Which of the following debt investments is not rated [Mark 1]

Question 52 :A sector fund is a [Mark 1]

Question 53 :risk is equated with [Mark 2]

Question 54 :The role of an agent is to [Mark 1]

Question 55 :A retired person generally needs a greater proportion of [Mark 2]

Question 56 :Investors who acquire sudden wealth [Mark 3]

Question 57 :The load amount charged to a scheme over a period of time is called [Mark 1]

Question 58 :Though Indian mutual funds have restrictions on borrowings only 20 percent of net assets and for six months only which are to meet cash needs for redemption only, UTI is allowed to borrow within more relaxed norms [Mark 1]

Question 59 :When selecting equity funds for investing, those at the top of the performance ranking need not be automatically selected [Mark 1]

Question 60 :Distribution tax should be taken into account when computing net returns from [Mark 1]

Question 61 :If a charitable trust approaches a distributor with an application for investment in a mutual fund the distributor should [Mark 2]

Question 62 :Which of the following is not true as per SEBI regulations for debt funds [Mark 2]

Question 63 :An AMC can approach investors either directly or with the help of [Mark 1]

Question 64 :The valuation of non traded equity shares is done at the trading price 30 days prior to valuation date [Mark 1]

Question 65 :An investor buys one unit of a fund at a NAV of Rs 20 and He receives a Dividend of Rs 3 when the NAV is Rs 21 and The unit is redeemed at an NAV of Rs 22 then total return is [Mark 3]

Question 66 :Which of the following is the first step in financial planning [Mark 1]

Question 67 :An investor should not invest in a mutual fund if [Mark 2]

Question 68 :The private sector was granted permission to enter the mutual fund industry in [Mark 1]

Question 69 :Which of the following is a fundamental attribute of a mutual fund scheme [Mark 2]

Question 70 :Deciding on strategies such as long term compounding, cost averaging, value averaging, active switching, all depend on the [Mark 1]

Question 71 :Distributors or agents [Mark 2]

Question 72 :A close ended has average weekly net assets of Rs 200 crore and as per SEBI regulations, the AMC can charge the fund with investment and advisory fee upto [Mark 3]