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Cancellation and Refund policy

1. For online payments, cancellation is not possible on the Internet. To cancel a fee payment, the student will have to submit the claim with RMG at Awadh Plaza, 126/31, BN Rd. Lalbagh, Lucknow or write a mail to rmglab@gmail.com.

2. The fee once paid is not refundable under any circumstances except as otherwise provided in the Fee Policy of RMG.

3. In case where the fee is refundable as per the policy, it shall be refunded by account payee cheque.

4. Bank charges that are being levied by the Payment Gateways/Banks are not subject to refund in the event of cancellation of transaction by the student.

5. The cancellation charge is determined by the RMG’s rules for cancellation and is based on the time of cancellation and the status of the fee payment. The service charge is not refunded.