Training Program - On Group Demand Working Capital Management
Program Objectives

Investment in fixed assets needs thorough planning. Once done, these ,however, lend themselves to certain levels of inflexibility as they become sunk costs. The focus, therefore, should move to Working Capital since it lends itself to and is more amenable to certain degree of control in the hands of the management.
In view of the focus on working capital as a significant tool for cost reduction in the hands of the Finance Manager.

Program Contents
  • Introduction to Working Capital
  • Operating Cycle, Production Cycle, Distribution Cycle, Pipeline Inventories, Factors Determining Working Capital Requirements, Importance of Optimum Working Capital, Working Capital Policy and Management, Profitability v/s Liquidity.
  • Types of Working Capital
    Permanent-Temporary, Financing Working Capital, Working Capital Monitoring and Control.
  • Working Capital Estimation
    Estimation Procedure, Working Capital Based on Operating Cycle, Different Components of Working Capital, Estimation of Working Capital Requirements.
  • Management of Cash and Marketable Securities
    Cash Management, Factors Affecting Cash Needs, Cash Budget, Control Aspects, Managing The Float, Investment of Surplus Cash.
  • Receivables Management
    Costs And Benefits of Receivables, Credit Policy, Credit Evaluation, Credit Control, Factoring and Receivables Management, Forfeiting, Evaluation of Credit Policies.
  • Inventory Management
    Types of Inventories, Cost of Maintaining Inventory, Techniques of Inventory Management, Risks in Inventory Management.
  • Financing Of Working Capital
    Types Of Spontaneous Sources, Trade Credit, Commercial Paper, Annualized Cost Of Financing, Types Of Bank Credit, Other Sources of Short Term Financing,
  • Regulation of Bank Credit In India.
Duration and Timing 2 days 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Fees Rs. 7500.00 + 10.3% (Service Tax + Education Cess) per participant inclusive of course material, tuition fees, snacks, lunch and participation certificate