Training Program - On Group Demand Portfolio Risk Analysis
Program Objectives To understand portfolio risk using statistical tools and build a portfolio delivering highest returns for any given level of risk.
Program Contents Session 1
What is Risk, Types of Risk

Session 2

Risk and Risk Premiums
a) How to calculate a Risk Premium
b) Holding Period Return
c) Real Risk and Nominal Risk
d) Portfolio Risk Introduction.

Session 3    

Risk and Risk Premiums
a) Portfolio Risk Calculation
b) Asset Allocation

Session 4   

Bond Mathematics
a) Inverse Relation
b) Interest Rate Sensitivity
c) Duration
d) Portfolio Average Maturity
e) Case Study

Participants Profile Brokers, Sub-brokers, Financial Intermediaries and Investment Consultants/ Executives in Asset Management Companies, Portfolio Managers etc. Professional from Finance or Engineering or CA or CS or MBA.
Duration and Timings 1 Day - 9.30 am to 5.30 pm
Fees Rs. 5000.00 + 10.30% (Service Tax + Education Cess) per participant inclusive of course material, tuition fees, snacks and lunch.